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Fulfillment Manager
Award-winning gardening retailer


Hi, we're Chris and Shiran Faast, founders and owners of Aqua Gardening.


Aqua Gardening is an award-winning family-owned business that provides innovative gardening solutions to help its customers become a gardener in their home. Whether they’re renting, apartment living, or a home-owner, Aqua Gardening can find the right solution for their space.


Our new Brisbane showroom is a place where our community can come to get inspired, learn and plan their perfect garden. Contrary to a standard self-serve retail store, our concept is focused 100% on each customer’s individual needs.


In 2020 Aqua Gardening changed its business model from a conventional Retailer to a hybrid concept that we call “service-eCommerce” we are focusing on our customer online experience while delivering in-store advice and consultation, this concept allows us to focus 100% on the customer gardening journey success. This concept has resulted in Aqua Gardening winning the "Brand Transformation" title in the National Retail Award 2020.


And as a result of our recent explosive growth, we are looking to bring on a mission-critical individual to fulfil the role of Fulfillment Manager.


So, who are you? Well firstly, if people generally describe you as:

  • A quick learner with a good analytical mind
  • An effective and compelling communicator
  • Energetic and like to GSD
  • Good at juggling multiple priorities at the same time
  • Self-confident and a take-charge kind of person
  • Absolutely task focused yet genuinely happy occasionally dealing with suppliers
  • You love processes, procedures and have a great eye for detail
  • A natural leader that others turn to and trust
  • Good under pressure
  • Resilient
  • Pro-active and keen to take the initiative
  • Good with data and facts...

And you have at least 5 years of Product & Delivery Fulfillment Management, including e-commerce experience... read on!


The gig?


We are a small team, and often we need to pitch in and help in different areas when we are missing a staff member. As part of this role, you will be expected to start with basic
warehousing duties with the team, however to evolve into an aspirational leader of multiple small teams here in Stafford, with additional team members working offsite. As a proactive team leader, we expect warehouse bottlenecks to get discovered and resolved quickly after consulting with other team members. You will take over as the primary liaison with suppliers within a few months of starting your role, and be expected to work alternate Saturdays in a full time role.


Why would you?


Well, it's a great work environment (check out the video) and a great team to be a part of. We've recently been awarded the "Brand Transformation of the Year" in the National Retail Awards, so we must be doing something right, right? And seeing an environment like this is inspiring, you can’t help but smile when you see someone smiling. We like to celebrate that. You'll be reporting to one of the owners, whilst having incredible autonomy, in respect of your mission-critical skills. Working for Aqua Gardening will see you working in an exciting, innovative and fast-paced environment, working with the leaders in a new and exciting industry.


Interested? You know you are right? So, why don't you hit Apply Now, give us a few details about you, answer a few job-related questions and do a quick 10-minute self assessment which will give us insights into your ideal work culture - and we'll be in touch! No resume or cover letter needed. Please be sure to have read our Vision, Mission & Values statement, attached.


EVERY application will be acknowledged. EVERY applicant will be advised the outcome of their application.


Aqua Gardening is an equal opportunity employer and we encourage applications from all people who believe they have the right blend of experience and character.

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  Print-friendly Job Ad with web address and scannable QRCode