Optical Dispenser/Practice Manager
Is it your time to step up?



Are you a qualified Optical Dispenser that is also ready to step into a leadership role? Is taking charge behind the scenes and driving operational excellence your 'super power'? Do people describe you as an 'integrator'? Excellent, because that's exactly what I'm looking for right now...


Hi, I'm Naomi Wajntraub, CEO of Quinn & Co. Eyecare. We're a small and growing group of independent Optometry Practices renowned for exceptional care and service. Too often, people compromise on lifestyle, comfort and productivity to account for poor vision. My teams and I are committed to helping our patients discover how optimising their vision can enhance their lives. Many people take their most precious sense, sight, for granted. We strive to raise awareness of the importance of (1) having regular eye examinations, even where there are no obvious vision problems; and (2) protecting your eyes in various ways, to ensure good vision is maintained for life. 


And right now, I'm looking for a polished, efficient, confident and competent individual to take responsibility for both local leadership and performing the Optical Dispenser role at our newly acquired practice in Kew, High on Vision by Quinn & Co. Eyecare, to essentially 'Marie Kondo' the small team into operational shape on a daily basis.


Who are you?

  • Self-confident and intelligent
  • You've got commercial 'smarts'
  • A doer - with vast resources of energy
  • Diplomatically assertive
  • Sociable... but you get on with the job too
  • You love policies, procedures and processes
  • Glass-half-full - but not blindly optimistic
  • A confident decision-maker
  • Comfortable holding people accountable
  • A natural leader who takes the initiative
  • You have a balanced view of the world, calling on facts while also using your intuition

The role?


As the Practice Manager you'll be the chief point of contact for a Practice. Reporting to the Operations Manager you'll coach, counsel and direct team members in the achievement of Practice objectives and the building of the profile and reputation of the Practice within the community. This will include:

  • Sales & marketing - both leading by example and proactively managing the team's sales and customer service efforts;
  • Finance & Operations - essentially ensuring the smooth, efficient and profitable operation of the practice on a consistent basis;
  • People - Engaging, enabling and empowering them to be the best in their field and for our patients (customers). Importantly, as the culture champion, you'll keep the team focussed on achieving Quinn & Co. Eyecare’s vision and mission and lead by example through consistently demonstrating the company values.

Why would you?


It's the perfect opportunity for you to ease into leadership. You’ll be responsible for a small team consisting of an optometrist and 2 Eyewear Consultants (who job share) who are each committed to providing the highest quality of care and exceptional customer service. You'll still be performing your own OD role as well. In the early days I'll be there to coach, guide and set you up for success.


Using the latest technology, you'll be part of a culture that focuses on providing comprehensive eye health assessments, diagnosing and co-managing eye disease and tending to all sorts of eye emergencies. Important stuff.


Beyond our all-encompassing commitment to community service we look for, offer and encourage self-development in efforts to help our team engage and inspire each other and all our stakeholders. Finally, our most prized commodity and value is trust. The trust we earn comes from our individual team members’ (as well as our organisation as a whole) commitment to:

  • Utilising industry-best technology and practices;
  • Optimising lifestyle and lives through the impact of our care, treatment and solutions;
  • Building relationships - we establish, grow and strengthen them as we continue a decades- long tradition of optimal care;
  • Salary package of $65K plus performance bonuses.

Sound interesting? Why not hit the Apply button, build your profile (no need for a CV or cover letter just yet)? Do a little 10-minute self-assessment that tells us a bit about your nature - and we'll be in touch!


EVERY application will be acknowledged. EVERY applicant will be advised the outcome of their application.


High on Vision by Quinn & Co. Eyecare is an equal opportunity employer and we encourage applications from all people who believe they have the right blend of experience and character.

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