Administration Assistant - Office All-Rounder
Welcome to the VA Assessment Centre


Hi, I'm Miriam Sandkuhler, founder of Property Mavens, Melbourne’s leading independent property advocacy firm. We help Australians of all ages to buy and sell smart, enabling them to achieve their desired outcomes and seamlessly move forward into the next chapter of their lives.


I'm really pleased to have been introduced to you as a possible virtual member of my team!


I'm a big believer that our nature lends itself to success in certain roles - and not in others. I really want to ensure that you have a naturally strong chance of success in this role you've applied for - for your happiness in the role as much as anything.


Subsequently I'd like to ask that you complete this 10-minute self-assessment. I do appreciate that this is not something you may be used to, however, we do know that you are much much more than just your CV, right?


Please click on the "Interested' tag - fill in a few details and then you'll be taken to the 10-minute self assessment.


Thank you so much!

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